Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 2014: EA Highlights


Following on from the Microsoft show, EA put on their own spectacular to show off their upcoming titles.

EA were first up, and started things off with a behind-the-scenes look at the DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront. Promising an authentic Star Wars experience it’s not expected until 2015.

Following on from the trailer shown at the Microsoft conference, Bioware demoed gameplay from Dragon Age Inquisition.

But it was their official announcement of a new Mass Effect that drew the biggest response as Bioware teased some details for the return of the Sci-Fi RPG franchise.

As much as EA is associated with Battlefield, Fifa, Madden and Need For Speed, it’s very easy to forget they also make The Sims. The newest version promises to create weirder stories and the ability to design your Sims’s personality.

UFC kicked off the first of the EA Sports offerings. Playable Bruce Lee was one of the highlighted features.

NHL continued the Sports offerings, with increased visual fidelity especially within the Stadiums.

Taking a break from people hitting each other, Burnout and Need For Speed developers Criterion step away from fast cars to extreme action. Taking inspiration from Youtube videos of extreme sport stunts, Criterion are hoping to be able to forge something around the idea of multiple vehicles as shown above.

Utilising the DICE developed Frostbite engine, PGA Tour takes a new step within the franchise. The introduction of “Fantasy” courses, creates fresh opportunities to give players new places to play.

Admittedly catering more to the US market than anywhere else, Madden 15 revamps the Defensive options open to players as well as introducing new replay options.

Moving into eSports territory EA highlighted their very own MOBA game, Dawngate.

Teased briefly last year, the sequel to critical, if not financial success Mirrors Edge looks to be back in 2015.

With a final look at Sports games, FIFA 15 promises to have players with memories, which will affect how they interact on the pitch.

Wrapping things up was highlight of the show, Battlefield: Hardline. Taking the basics of Battlefield and mixing it with Payday, players take on the role of either the Police or Terrorists in objective based multiplayer.

Overall it was a strange show. While there were no disappointments it was very safe, with no big surprises or reveals. Mass Effect, Criterions new title and Battlefront are too far away to get too excited about yet. So good looking games, but just a touch under-whelming overall.

Coming up soon, I’ll take you through Ubisoft and the future of Assassins Creed, The Division and more.

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