Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What's the deal then?

So this is the first post on my blog. I guess that tradition dictates that I talk about what my plans are for the site and what you can expect to be reading.

Well my aim is to try and post something at least once a week. As you may have guessed from the title I'll be talking video and computer games. Now I'm primarily a PC gamer at this point in time so you'll find lots of talk about Indie-games, awesome mods for established titles and probably more than a little about how fantastic PC games in the 90s were (God I love Doom).

That's not to say there won't be any console talk. With new home consoles due in the next few months and all the games that go with them, I'll be chipping in with my two cents worth on them as and when I have something to say.

Expect reviews as well, though I'll be following the template of the absolutely superb Rock, Paper, Shotgun and not giving a score. I think it's more important that readers get an idea from what I write, instead of some arbitrary number at the bottom of a page.

Depending on how this goes on I'll try and have some video clips for you guys as well but that's for the future.

So I hope everyone who reads the page enjoys what I have for them. If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to comment or email me and I'll take a look (I know I suck so we can save ourselves some time by not telling me).

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